Restaurants Deliver

Hey everyone,

Restaurant have had to adapt in so many ways during the madness this year.

I’m playing with an idea today that is mainly for restaurants who are used to welcoming customers into their restaurant to sit and eat.

Whats happened over the last few months is that these amazing restaurants have had to adapt to some crazy rules and some made-up laws.

I want to give them the ability to get their own app that they can turn on and off whenever they need it. They might just use it when they’re told to shut down or as an asset when its a the quiet season or perhaps for events or maybe even to expand or test ideas in their business.

This kind of app gives them control. The best restaurant delivery where I stay is a restaurant who built their own app and use their own drivers.

My way is inexpensive.

This can work for high end restaurants or a food truck.

You can set up your menu in any way you like and its easy. Ive set it up with some Appetizers, Mains, Sides and Drinks. Its really flexible.

Personally, if I’m going to order food that will be delivered, I want to see the food I’m going to get in the app so that there’s no confusion but lots of seduction. Im always tempted to order more than I was planning to order. Customers will order more when they can see beautiful images of the real food you serve.

Food and local food can be a big loyal community when its done well.

I’m going to make this app look and feel amazing. This is just as good as the big delivery apps but you get all the control.

Your customers can easily open the app, add food to the cart and pay for it in seconds.

Its super easy for the restaurant staff to manage because the orders from customers live in a basic Google spreadsheet.

Similar to the Coffee Shop Pre-Ordering app in the last show, the design will be image dominant so that it seduces the customer into being excited to order.

Using Glideapps for the building of this app means you can build it yourself for free or buy my template for $99. Then you can make edits for your restaurant and test it immediately. If you upgrade from the free plan to the $24 per month plan, you save 25% if billed yearly or $32 if you pay monthly. This is what you get:

- Public. Anyone can sign in

- 25,000 data rows

- 10GB file storage

- 2% transaction fee

- Mobile, Tablet, Web layouts

- Custom Domain

- Custom In-app Branding

- Unlimited Sheet reloads

- 1,000 pins per map

- Unlimited signatures

- Unlimited Zapier actions

- GSuite Shared Drives

- Google Analytics

- Custom Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

- Background Sheet Reloads

- Upload files up to 1GB

I recommend the $24 plan but you can always test it on the free plan and see what happens. On the free plan, Glide takes 10% of each sale. There will also be Stripe payment processing fees too.

If we made a custom coded version of this, we could easily pay between $10k up to $100k plus depending on what value was required in the app. To do this with Glide on their $24 plan and buying my template, the year 1 cost would be $387 or roughly $1 per day.

Ive explained the idea, the plan, the design, the tools and made a working product for any restaurant who sees this as an investment for their business. It solves a big problem quickly.

You can get my Restaurants Deliver template here for $99. I will keep it at $99 until the world and the small businesses can recover.